Pros and Cons of Buying a New Construction Home

One of the most important decisions you can ever make is purchasing a home for yourself and your family. However, deciding on whether to buy new construction or a resale home can be contentious, considering both have their pros and cons.

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Buying a home in Colorado can feel overwhelming. To yelp make this process easier we have laid out some insights on the pros and cons of new construction homes. We hope this will help our buyers make the decisions necessary to purchase the home of their dreams.

The Pros of Buying New Construction Home

Buying new construction homes has several advantages that highly make them appealing. These pros include:

Low Maintenance

Buying a new construction home in Colorado ensure it is built using the most recent building codes and safety regulations, giving you peace of mind. In addition, the houses require little maintenance considering how many of the components and fittings are new.

Energy Efficient

Modern construction homes use advanced technologies to optimize energy efficiency, considerably lowering utility bills. Besides, third-party home energy raters certify our new construction homes to ensure they meet specific energy standards.


Buying a newly built home gives you a clean slate allowing you to customize it as you see fit depending on your lifestyle, preference, and personality. New construction homes enable you to display your creativity, change your home layout and express yourself through finishes that reflect your tastes.

Extra Clean

The most significant benefit of buying a new construction house is that everything is sparkling clean, considering you are the first person to live there.

The Cons of Buying New Construction Home

When interested in purchasing a newly constructed home in Colorado, consider the following disadvantages:

Higher Cost

New constructions have higher upfront costs than resale houses. Buying a new home can costs up to 20% more than buying an existing home. However, the cost of a new place might vary depending on its location, model, and price range in the market. This can also be offset by the money saved with a new construction home since maintenance costs and repair fees will be minimal with a new construction home.

Decision Fatigue

Personalizing your new house is overwhelming because there are so many possibilities for customization. If you don't know anything about designing houses, it may be challenging to choose from them. Sometimes when buying a new construction home, you might also not get total control over the layout and design. Home developers provide you with a list of design options, and you are not allowed to deviate from the options.


New construction homes have a "new home scent" that reduces with time and eventually disappears. This smell results from volatile organic compounds emitted by the building materials used to construct the home. Less exposure to these chemicals avoids health issues.

Limited Negotiation Power

Buying a new house may not be advantageous because the builder and seller usually offer limited negotiating margins to maximize their profit margin. In addition, some new home sellers quote exorbitant prices making some homes unaffordable to many people.

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The pros and cons give you insights into buying a new construction home. Your moving timeline, budget, and personal preference determine whether purchasing a new construction home is viable.

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